There are many different types of local childcare to suit the needs of you and your family.

Update Two Year Offer 

Did you know your two year old could receive 15 hours per week free childcare at a playgroup, day nursery, childminder or in a nursery school? If you are eligible your child can receive free childcare from the term after their second birthday until the start of the term after their third birthday. 


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If you don't know what childcare is available for two year olds near you contact the Admissions and Information Service for a list by ringing 0191 278 7878 and ask for childcare or email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  or visit

We have given you a guide to the main forms of childcare and their key features:

Playgroups (Preschool)
Maintained Nursery Settings
Day Nurseries/ Community Nurseries
Contact Details

For contact details of local childcare providers or to have a chat about childcare give us a call on 0191 213 4100 or alternatively contact the Families Information Service on 0191 277 4133 or click on the link below:

newcastle families information service